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We Offer Curb Repair Services in British Columbia

Re-New Surface Concrete Overlay is a crystal that is mixed with water at a specific ratio. The liquid is then used in cement and washed sand to acquire a specific concrete slump. Once the mixture has been brought to the desired slump, it is placed on the damaged concrete surface, and finished as desired. We use a tan color with white cement to resurface swimming pool decks with it's original texture.

Re-New Surface Industrial Sealer is an elastomeric liquid styrene eaylate that will protect colored concrete surface against oil, most soft drinks, and it will also prevent concrete dusting. It can be applied by roller or pump sprayer. This sealer bridges small cracks that do not affect structural strength.

Advantages to Using Re-New Concrete Overlays for your Concrete Repair:

  • • Re-New Surface concrete overlays are used on bridge decks, sidewalks, curbs, and concrete road surfaces.
  • • Re-New Surface concrete overlays are used in multi-level structures since the overlays only need to be thick enough to replace the deteriorated spald surface, therefore not adding additional weight to the existing structure. A rough broom surface can be applied to a worn smooth drive ramps
  • • Re-New Surface concrete overlays are freeze-thaw and salt-resistant, and are also more flexible, making these overlays less apt to cracking.
  • • Tests (CSA A23, 2-9C) show a compression strength of 4200 PSI in seven days.
  • • Re-New Surface concrete overlays can be stamped with a new low-profile design for a unique finish.

Trip Hazard Repairs

For visually impaired and wheelchairs we extend a trip hazard repair 1 foot out for every 1 inch of rise. To avoid showing a trip repair we squgee coat a thin layer of Re-New concrete on to the whole sidewalk square, showing as if the whole square had been replaced.

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