Sidewalk Repair and Resurfacing

Sidewalk Repair and Resurfacing

Re-New Surface Systems, Inc is proud of its reputation as an industry leader in concrete repair and resurfacing.

We offer both diligent services and revolutionary products that make durable sidewalk repairs more effective and efficient than ever. Based in Nanaimo, we are proud to offer our availability across British Colombia, Alberta, and elsewhere in Canada.

Among our many satisfied customers are city and town municipalities, private enterprises, government departments, highway service providers, and schoolboards. We strive to offer the highest quality of concrete repair at the most affordable cost.

Fort St. John Sidewalk Trip Repair and Snowplow Curb Damage Repair

Prince George Trip Repair and Snowplow Curb Damage Repair

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Sidewalk Trip Repair Services

As a full-service concrete repair specialist, we have transformed the restoration process of concrete surfaces over:

  • Sidewalks
  • Roadways
  • Paths
  • Parking Lots
  • Driveways
  • Bridges
  • ...and more

With our innovative method, no concrete removal, grinding, or disposal is required. This makes the resurfacing faster, more sustainable, and more cost-effective.

Cracked or crumbling sidewalks can present a significant safety hazard. Our products involve the use of a patented crystal mixed with water, changing the structure of bagged cement with fine sand. The result is a concrete resurfacing overlay, which can be applied with ease over existing concrete. It is a highly effective solution for sidewalk trip repair.

Chilliwack Trip Repair and Snowplow Curb Damage Repair

Our curb repair solution is resistant to freezing, thawing, and salt. It is also flexible despite its strength, eliminating future cracking. It can be installed either by your staff or by one of our extensively-qualified professionals. With Re-New Surface Systems, Inc, repairs to cracked concrete have never been easier or faster.

Snowplow Curb Damage Repair

In Canada, a common source of damage to concrete curbs and surfaces is snowplows and other equipment. When snowplows have inflicted damage to a concrete surface on your property, our curb resurfacing solution is the perfect way to restore your curb to a better-than-ever condition.

With our patented concrete overlay, you eliminate the need for removing or replacing existing concrete surface. It is a much faster solution for curb repair and offers the same high standard of durability as brand-new concrete restoration.

We manufacture and sell both concrete overlay and industrial sealer. They can be stamped with a special design for a unique aesthetic finish.

Prompt, Meticulous Sidewalk Resurfacing

Our sidewalk resurfacing services and products allow you to quickly and completely repair sidewalks on commercial, industrial, residential, or municipal properties. The only preparation sidewalks need is a thorough power wash prior to the application of the overlay or sealant.

We will contract the repairs with local staff or provide comprehensive on-site training for our resurfacing services. If you have any questions about our products or the scope of our service, reach out to one of our representatives. We would be pleased to assist you!

Retain Your Concrete's Strength and Durability with Diligent Resurfacing

With Re-New Surface Systems, Inc, you can enjoy the highest standards of concrete repair at a competitive price. Our specialty is timely, non-invasive solutions to damaged concrete surfaces.

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